Best Photoshoot Locations in Billings

Are you looking to find the best location in Billings, Montana for a professional photoshoot? There are so many places in Billings that are so gorgeous and perfect for any type of photoshoot, whether engagement, family, senior, or maternity photos!

#1 – Zimmerman Park

This is one of the few locations in Billings that is PERFECT for photos in every single season. Zimmerman Park is located on the Rims and is beautiful at all times of the day. There are multiple background options including an open field, rocks and trees, or gorgeous city views! Sandstone, evergreens, and great sunsets all year long!

#2 – Downtown Billings

Are you looking for a different look in your engagement or family photos? There is so much variety when you go to downtown Billings for engagement photos. Different types of architecture, beautiful buildings, and perfect lighting.

#3 – Two Moons Park

Two Moons Park is perfect for easy access to the Yellowstone River. In addition, there are also woodsy trails

#4 – Duck Creek

Duck creek has easy river access, trails, and easy access for road pictures!

#5 – Norm’s Island

Norm Schoenthal Island is one of the best places for photos during the warmer seasons, especially fall. It has a variety of looks for photos including a forest, river views and an open field with tall grasses. It is STUNNING in the fall with all the gorgeous colors everywhere!

#6 – Phipps Park

Are you looking to get up close to the rims? At Phipps Park, after about a 5 minute walk you are right up to the rims! There are large rocks all around, an open field, and a variety of hills making it easy for a lot of variety of backgrounds in your photos!

#7 – Four Dances Trailhead

Four Dances Trailhead is one of the best locations in Billings to be able to see the whole city and river below you. There is a short walk to get up to the view, but it is stunning and worth it!

Extra Location – Go down to Red Lodge for Mountain and Lake Views!

Red Lodge is only about an hour away from Billings, and it is totally worth the drive if you are wanting mountains or lakes in your photos! Many people love traveling up to Red Lodge for their family, senior, or engagement photos, especially since the views are new and not something we see everyday!


I do so many photoshoots at all of these locations in Billings every year, and every single one of these locations are perfect in their own way! You can’t go wrong!

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